Unexpected Stress: Tackling a Dental Emergency While You’re Out of Town

March 28, 2024

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Are you out of town for work or to visit family members? Even while completely preoccupied with other activities and far away from your regular dentist, the unexpected can happen. In these situations, the best you can do is be prepared and act fast. When a toothache suddenly appears, you accidentally chip your tooth, or your dentures break as you’re cleaning them, these all require urgent attention. Read on to learn what you should do when you encounter a dental emergency while you’re out of town.

Find a Dependable Dentist in Your Area

Before you leave, you can ask your regular dentist for recommendations or take to Google to find a reliable, quality dentist in the new place that you’ll be visiting. This will help you know exactly who to call if something occurs. Be sure to look for a practice who offers same-day emergency dental appointments, and if insurance is a factor to you, checking to see if they accept your insurance plan is an added plus!  

Don’t Panic & Call Their Office

When a dental emergency strikes, be sure to stay calm and assess the situation. Some tell-tale signs that a visit to an emergency dentist in Bangor is necessary are:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Dental damage
  • Broken dentures
  • Knocked-out permanent tooth
  • Damaged or lost restoration

All of these require urgent attention, so don’t hesitate to call to schedule a same-day appointment.

How Can You Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Knowing how to handle a dental emergency while you’re traveling can be useful, but there’s no doubt that the better option would be to not experience one at all! Problems like toothaches don’t arise suddenly. In fact, they’re often the result of a worsening cavity or a tooth that has been damaged for awhile and hasn’t been treated. Because of this, the best way to avoid an emergency dental visit on your trip is to visit your regular dentist before you leave for a routine checkup and cleaning.

At your checkup, they’ll be able to alert you to any signs of infection or damage to your tooth or restoration and hopefully treat it before you go out of town. This will prevent you from needing to seek out an emergency dentist who can do so while you’re in a new place.

Although you can’t always escape experiencing a dental emergency, taking small preventive measures can help ensure that your trip remains problem-free. But, having the number of a trusted local emergency dentist who offers same-day appointments never hurts!

About the Author

Dr. Natalie Sigwart is passionate about helping her patients get out of unexpected pain, and with over a decade of experience in the dental field, her expertise allows her to treat most patients in-house. Offering same-day emergency dentistry and using modern, precise diagnostic technology, Dr. Sigwart works quickly and effectively to help her patients get back on the right track. For questions or to schedule a same-day appointment, visit Creative Dental’s website or call 207-942-3000.

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